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Clothes with a story that you want to wear even as an adult

There are also designs that match the children's clothing books ``Children's Clothes for the Heart'' and ``Children's Clothes for Enjoying Fashion,'' so you can enjoy them all year round by changing layering and fabrics.


A total of 26 items are listed, including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, coats, and aprons.

Comes with 2 sheets of actual large paper in S, M, L, and LL sizes.

An open collar short sleeve dress (lale) with a flower bud motif.

Align the front center of the left and right bodice pieces and sew the facings together so that they are not visible from the front.

Therefore, it will be a cover-up type dress that does not require buttons.

In this long-sleeved version (Noëlle), we introduce an arrangement using a separate fabric for the collar.

A refreshing set-up with a sailor color pullover (sailor) and marine pants (nautica).

If you change the fabric, you can use it even in fall and winter!

For pullovers, gather the side darts to create a soft and gentle atmosphere.

The chic different colors are also very nice.

The classic one-piece dress (yayi) with an oriental look features a round yoke with plenty of gathers and loop buttons with Asian knots.

Chic finished with shiny jacquard fabric.

Flare tuck skirt (bell) with a morning glory motif.

By tearing out 10 pieces of one pattern and folding them finely, you can create a neat and beautiful silhouette.

This is a one-piece arrangement (lamp) of the cover work.

The pintuck on the chest and the ruffles on the neckline and cuffs add an elegant sweetness.

Like the blouse, it has an impressive design with covered buttons at the back.

The sister apron on the right in the photo is perfect for coordinating with the lamp.

A cape collar long-sleeved blouse (talma) with a distinctive large collar.

The bottoms are the aforementioned marine pants made from corduroy.

Only the back is elastic, so you can wear it neatly even if you tuck it in at the waist.

We also recommend the sleeveless version of the top talma, which is introduced on a separate page, as it is very cute.

Please try it this summer.

And this is the haori coat, which you can easily coordinate with your outfit just by putting it on.

Since it is made with a twist, even beginners can finish it beautifully ☆

We introduce two types of Chester coats (chester).

This is a simple coat with no buttons and a self-fabric belt.

The gray color is easy to match, and it's useful to have one.

In addition to this, we also have the same pattern but in different fabrics, such as thick wool herringbone and a different fabric for the collar.

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